When: Tuesday, May 23
5th Grade: 12:55-1:45 p.m.
6th Grade: 2:10-3 p.m.

Call SRES at 480-362-2400 for more information.

Each grade will bring its own chili recipe. The ingredients will be mixed and placed inside a solar oven, which will cook the chili in less than 45 minutes! The classes and a team of judges will test the results.

This lesson helps students learn about the Greenhouse Effect, which is essential to understanding climate change, including our dependence on fossil fuels and the energy and radiation emitted by the sun.

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Pre-K Summer School

June 5–June 29
Monday-Thursday and June 16


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Se:kik Jeved kacim Taṣ!

To help celebrate EARTH DAY on April 22, Salt River Elementary School students designed more than 350 grocery bags with images about how they help keep the Earth clean and healthy, including turning off electronics when not in use, not wasting water, picking up trash, recycling, planting gardens and composting! The bags will be distributed on Earth Day by Fry's Foods Stores (the McDowell Road and Fountain Hills locations).

Ms. Burstyn-Meyers' kindergarten class participated in the Earth Day Grocery Project and students shared what they learned in the following video. Check them out and tell us how YOU and your families celebrate the Earth year-round!