Bell Schedule

School Office Hours:...............7:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Regular School Hours :...........8:15 AM – 3:15 PM

Early Dismissal Days:..............8:15 AM – 1:15 PM

Lunch Period:..........................11:00 AM – 12:55 PM (Varies for each grade level)

Attendance and Truancy

School begins at 8:15 AM

A student is considered tardy when arriving after this time. Students must be in attendance at school for at least ¾ of the school day in order to be counted/considered as present Excused absences are recorded when the Parent/ Legal Guardian has notified the school of the student’s absence for reasons of illness, injury, medical appointments, family member’s death or other specified family emergencies. A signed doctor’s note must be provided to the school within 24 hours of the child’s return to school Vacations and/or personal non-school related trips will be recorded as unexcused absences. Truancy referrals will go in at 9 absences (excused and unexcused). Truancy referrals will go in at 9 tardy (excused and unexcused). Students with ten (10) days of consecutive absences (excused and unexcused) will be dropped. Out of Boundary students with excessive tardy and/or absences will be directed to return to their home school district out of the Salt River Community. Students, who withdraw or are dropped from the SRES enrollments, may not re-enroll for the remaining current school year.

In accordance with the SRP-MIC Truancy Ordinance, every child between five (5) and eighteen (18) years of age shall attend scheduled school classes unless officially excused. The Truancy Ordinance further makes reference that the Parent/Legal Guardian or Legal Guardian shall enroll the child in and ensure that the child attends school for the full time school is in session. Compliance regarding attendance is the responsibility of the Parent /Legal Guardian. Truancy – excessive tardy days and/or absences subject the student and Parent/ Legal Guardian to disciplinary and possible legal action.The school will contact the Parent/Legal Guardian concerning their child’s attendance through quarterly attendance summary reports; intermittent letters for Attendance Review (at 3 absences & at 3 tardy days), Attendance Concern (at 6 absences & at 6 tardy days), and Warning Letters (at 9 absences & at 9 tardy days). Home visits by the ACT (Attendance Counts Team) will be done when the parent/legal guardian cannot be reached through the phone numbers on file for the child. Attendance meetings may be held at any time and can be requested by the teacher, parent/legal guardian, and other concerned school staff members.

Student Absences:

Parent/Legal Guardian is asked to call the SRES attendance line at 480-362-2467 before 9:00 AM to report your child’s absence for the day. 

Calls made by 9:00 AM prevent a safety check call to you. Calls can be accepted until the end of the school day. A written note, submitted when the student returns, is also acceptable. Communication from the Parent/Legal Guardian must occur within 24 hours of the absence.

Late Arrival and Early Checkout:

There may be times when students arrive late or are checked out early for doctor appointments, illness, or specified family emergencies. Parent/ Legal Guardians are encouraged to work collaboratively with the school to avoid excessive tardy or early student check out(s). The first minutes of the day are very important in setting the tone for the day and may include important class discussion and directions to students. During the last minutes of the school day, the teacher is providing closure, is reviewing the work of the day, and assigning/explaining homework. Much of what occurs in the classroom cannot be made up at home (i.e. teacher instruction, class discussion, and interaction).

Arriving Late:

At 8:15am the side entrance gate will be closed by the school duty person. Students arriving after this time must proceed through the front door of the school to the main office for a pass from the office staff. Parent/ Legal Guardians who choose to escort their children to class must stop at the front office for a visitor’s badge.


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