Dress Code

Parent / Legal Guardian Responsibility

All students are expected to wear appropriate clothing during the school day and at all School-sponsored activities. The selection of appropriate clothing and the grooming standard for students is the responsibility of the Parent/ Legal Guardians.

Student Dress Code Guidelines:

  • Pictures and/or words on any garments, backpacks, or personal items must be in good taste. Any obscene, vulgar, pictures or statements that promote any type of illegal activity to minors are strictly prohibited.
  • Any display of a music group, movie, or media show that promotes gangs, violence, mistreatment of people or has sexually explicit scenes and / or lyrics is prohibited.
  • Jewelry shall not be worn if it presents a safety hazard to self and/or others; excessive jewelry is also not permissible. (No more than one bracelet or “jelly” per arm.)
  • Negative student group/gang affiliation apparel is absolutely not allowed, including anything worn or carried on campus. Gang related customization is not permitted on items such as hats, clothing, and backpacks or on oneself (drawings on the body with markers or other writing instruments).
  • NO GANG-RELATED COLORS are to be worn.
  • No hats, caps or hoods are to be worn in school. (Special School-sponsored events may permit hats or caps upon occasion.)
  • Shoes are to be worn at all times. Open-toed, platform shoes or shoes with heels or soles that exceed 1” in height are not appropriate and safe. "Heelys" (shoes with wheels) are also prohibited. Regular tennis shoes are recommended for school wear. Shoestrings must be black or white.
  • Wearing cosmetic makeup is not allowed by students.
  • Drawings or cutting on one body or clothing is not allowed. Hairstyles that are worn directly over the face and eyes are not allowed. Student vision may be impaired. - Ref: Gang Affiliation

Student Dress Code Days of the Week:


  • Kindergartens through sixth grade classes are required to wear uniforms. The School uniform is comprised of a school approved T-shirt or polo shirt.
  • T-shirts/polo shirts must be worn so the Salt River School logo is visible.(Except when outside in cold weather, then a jacket/coat may be zipped up covering the logo.)
  • T-shirts/ polo shirts must be neat and clean.
  • Plain (no plaids, stripes or combination of colors) black, khaki or gray bottoms: pants, shorts, skirts, "skorts", overalls or jumpers. Pants or shorts should fit around the waist and not drag on the ground.
  • Belts are not to extend more than 4 inches beyond the belt buckle.
  • School T-shirts/polo shirts can be purchased in the School office.

Friday (ONLY):

Appropriate "dress down" clothing that adheres to the Community ordinance prohibiting gang affiliation and meets appropriate expectations are permitted for "dress down" Fridays. If you have question or require clarification please contact the school directly.

Dress Code Non-compliance

  • Students wearing clothing or hairstyles that do not reflect good judgment or who do not comply with the guidelines stated will be sent to the office. Parent/Legal Guardians will be contacted should the need arise.


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