Special Area Activities for Every Day Learning

Special Area Activities for Every Day Learning
Posted on 03/31/2020
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The specials teachers at SRES have developed a great weekday schedule for families learning at home. There are fun ideas from Mr. Crebs (Art), Mrs. Yurek (Library), Mrs. Doka (Music), Coach B (Physical Education), and Ms. Tuchawena (Technology).

If you can, show us what you're learning by having your parent/guardian take a photo or video of you and posting it on Facebook or Instagram and tagging @saltriverschools - we'd love to see what you're working on today! 

Updated 3/31/20
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Can't read the text or download the PDF? Here's what it says:

Special Area: Art with Mr. Crebs

There are so many ways to incorporate art into your everyday activities. Check out this website, and try these ideas below:

  • On Monday, draw your favorite animal (Mr. Crebs' faves are cats or horses).
  • On Tuesday, use markers or watercolor to draw a sunrise or sunset.
  • On Wednesday, use crayons to outline your drawing then watercolor over top.
  • On Thursday, sketch your dream home.
  • On Friday, make a colorful dream catcher from a paper plate. You will need string or yarn. Bonus points if you research to find out the history of the dream catcher and where it originates (which tribe?).

Special Area: Library with Mrs. Yurek

It’s Time Capsule Time! A time capsule is a container that holds present-day items, such as photos, newspapers (if you still receive those), letters, and more. It’s typically hidden away for your future self or someone of your choosing to open. Click here to learn how to create a time capsule.

  • On Monday, find and decorate a box or canister to hold your items. A shoebox, coffee can or a Pringles can are great options for containers.
  • On Tuesday, write a letter to your older self! Describe your thoughts and dreams.  Make sure you put today’s date on the letter. Seal and place in your time capsule container.
  • On Wednesday, have one or more grownups that know you well write a letter to you that you will read in the future. Have them seal the letter for placement into the time capsule. Make sure they put the date on it. Sort through any photographs you may have and ask for permission to include them in your time capsule.
  • On Thursday, draw and label a picture of your favorite things to place in your time capsule.
  • On Friday, write personal goals. For now, for 5 years from now, for 10 years from now, etc.

Time Capsule continued: Save your work from this week and stay tuned for further instructions next week!

Special Area: Music with Mrs. Doka

Check out this video about why music is an important part of the school day (and learning from home!).

  • On Monday, interview your family members about their musical backgrounds and interests. What is their favorite song right now and why? Who are their favorite artists? What does music mean to them? Record their responses; you can write them down in complete sentences, color a picture of their response, create a comic strip of the interview, and/or record your interview on video.
  • On Tuesday, ask yourself about your own musical interests. What is your favorite song and why? Who are your favorite artists? What does music mean to you. Record your responses by writing an essay, coloring a picture of your responses, creating a collage, and/or record yourself on video answering these questions. Also, you might try to make a Venn diagram of your responses with your family member responses.
  • On Wednesday, create a “Soundtrack of My Life” with an imaginary album that shows who you are. Start by making a list of song titles, and for each song describe the music—this could be done either by coming up with your own imaginary songs, or by finding existing songs that would describe your personality/life. Design an album cover to go with your soundtrack.
  • On Thursday, invent a new instrument. Draw a picture of it and describe how it is played, how it’s constructed, and what it sounds like. Or, make one out of recycled materials. 
  • On Friday, create an imaginary band with new instruments for your friends. What kind of music will your band play on these instruments? Draw a picture of your band - what is your band name?

Got music?

Special Area: P.E. with Coach B

Physical Activities for Kids: Get Active At Home! This 12-minute video contains fun physical exercises for kids they can do at home. These are mini-workouts children can perform in order to get stronger, burn calories and spend some of their infinite energy!

  • On Monday, do 20 burpees and 20 crab kicks - OR - try to plank as long as you can.
  • On Tuesday, create an indoor obstacle course. Try to improve your time each time you go through it.
  • On Wednesday, run in place –OR- run laps for 5 minutes. Breathe. Repeat. Do laps around the house or yard.
  • On Thursday, vacuum your entire house and then play outside for 20 minutes. No vacuum? You can sweep!
  • On Friday, take a family walk or hike for at least 20 minutes. Play "Follow the Leader" and "Simon Says" as you go.

Special Area: Technology with Ms. Tuchawena

  • On Monday, build a tower with items in your pantry. Cans! Boxes! Bags! What did you find?
  • On Tuesday, create a maze with straws or blocks, and ball up a scrap of paper and blow it through your maze.
  • On Wednesday, go to code.org and play an hour of code games. Not online? Play some card games.
  • On Thursday, go to Typetastic and do keyboarding games--OR--Draw a keyboard with the letters in the correct place.
  • On Friday, create a grid on the floor. Get two objects and with arrows, code how to get from one object to the other.


Updated 3/24/20
Special Areas Activities

Can't read the text or download the PDF? Here's what it says:

Special Area: Art with Mr. Crebs
  • On Monday, go outside and find a flower or a plant. Sketch of picture of your favorite one and label each part of the plant (research online or using an encyclopedia or ask a family member for help – do your best).
  • On Tuesday, use a pencil, pen, or crayon to trace your hand. What can you turn it in to? (besides a turkey!)
  • On Wednesday, find a variety of items to trace. Create a shapes collage. Label your pictures.
  • On Thursday, go outside and look toward the horizon. Sketch a picture of what you see. The horizon is the line at which the earth's surface and the sky appear to meet.
  • On Friday, draw a self-portrait and write about how you are feeling today. A self-portrait is a drawing of you done by you.

Special Area: Library with Mrs. Yurek

  • On Monday, read a book and draw a picture of your favorite character. Re-write the ending so the opposite happens.
  • On Tuesday, interview a person older than you. Ask them what life was like when they were your age.
  • On Wednesday, think of a color. Find something with that color! Play “I SPY” with your family.
  • On Thursday, write a summary of a show you watched on television lately.
  • On Friday, curl up with someone special and read a good book with them! Talk about your favorite part!

Special Area: Music with Mrs. Doka

  • On Monday, find a household item to turn into a drum. How does it sound? Practice a steady beat.
  • On Tuesday, find a string or a ribbon, turn on some music, dance and sway so the ribbon flows.
  • On Wednesday, make up a dance to your favorite song! Put on a show then take a family walk.
  • On Thursday, watch a musical movie with your family. Sing the songs if you know them! Rewind and learn the lyrics!
  • On Friday, write a song for your teacher. Sing it to a family member. Record your performance to share.

Special Area: P.E. with Coach B

  • On Monday, pick 5 different muscles to stretch. Hold each stretch for 20 seconds.
  • On Tuesday, kids should be active sixty minutes EVERY day! Do 60 jumping jacks.
  • On Wednesday, it’s March Madness! Take 64 imaginary jump shots.
  • On Thursday, do as many push-ups as you can.
  • On Friday, play a game that is active. You decide what that is.

Special Area: Technology with Ms. Tuchawena

  • On Monday, construct something with Legos/building blocks. No Legos? Build a fort with blankets.
  • On Tuesday, pick 3 objects to place in a bag. Have another person guess the objects by only touching them.
  • On Wednesday, plan out a design of your dream home on paper. Build a model with recycled items.
  • On Thursday, write the steps to making a sandwich, then ask an adult to help you make one.
  • On Friday, build a tower as tall as possible using only sheets of newspaper. No tape or glue allowed!
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