SRES Art classes are led by Mr. Crebs. Check for art lessons in the weekly packet posted on the main "Specials" page; refer back here for more videos, activities, and more!

Week 8 (Sept. 21-24)
Week 8 Art Assignment

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Autumn Leaves

 You will need:

  • Q-Tips,
  • Marker
  • Paper
  • string or a rubber band
  • any color paint you have


  • Draw your tree base first with a marker
  • Pour four different paint colors on a scrap piece of paper
  • Bunch the Q-Tips together and secure them with the rubber band or string
  • Use the bundle of Q-Tips as a paint tool and dip into the paint to make the leaves.
  • My example shows autumn (fall) colors, but use any color you have.

Have Fun!

Take a picture of your tree and post to your Class Dojo portfolio or email photo to

READ! Login to BookFlix and search for the book called, "How Do You Know It’s Fall?" Read that book and its counterpart, "Fletcher and the Falling Leaves." Enjoy!

Week 7 (Sept. 14-18)
Week 7 Art assignment

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Paint a Rock!

You will need: A rock, any size. A smooth rock works best.


  • One of my favorite art projects is painting rocks.
  • Find a rock that you feel is awesome enough to paint.
  • You can paint whatever you want.
  • I like to paint animals but you can paint whatever makes you happy. Try to find a smooth rock because those are easier to work with. Here are some of my rocks that I have painted.

Have Fun! Take a picture of your painted rock and post to your Class Dojo portfolio or email photo to

READ! Login to BookFlix and search for the book about rock collecting. Read that book and its matching pair: Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. Enjoy!

Week 6 (Sept. 8-11)
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Make an Octopus!

You will need:

  • Plastic Cup
  • Tape
  • Marker or Sharpie
  • Any of the following: Paint, Ink, Watercolors, Crayons…
  • Paper
  • String or Yarn (optional)


  • Color the paper and the cup with any design you wish.
  • Cut the paper into strips to be the legs (you will need 8)
  • Tape the legs inside the cup.
  • Draw face on the cup.
  • Tape string onto the top if you wish to hang it.

Have Fun! Take a picture of your Octopus and post to your Class Dojo portfolio or email photo to

Week 5 (8/31-9/4)
Week 5 Coffee Filter Art Assignment

Image Reads
Assignment: Coffee Filter Art

You will need:

  • Coffee filter, any size
  • Markers, assorted colors


  • Start out with a clean dry coffee filter
  • Use bright colorful markers to decorate
  • Put geometric shapes in your design
  • Spray with water or wet it with a sponge
  • Allow it to dry

Have Fun! Take a picture of your Coffee Filter Art and post to your Class Dojo classroom or email

Week 4 (8/24-8/28)
See description below for image text.
Image reads 
Assignment: LINE ART
You will need:

  • Blank Paper- any size
  • Pencil
  • Black marker pen
  • Paint or crayons


  • First draw your lines in pencil to make sure you know what
    your design is going to be.
  • Go over your lines with a marker to make them stand out.
  • Next, use paint, color, crayon, ink, any color you want to finish
    the pattern in color.
  •  Have fun!

Week 2 (8/10-8/14): Mr. Crebs teaches students how to make a face mask!

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